Both Megan and I watched The Founder over the weekend, a movie based on the true story of how the McDonalds empire got its start in the 1950’s.  Michael Keaton's performance was awesome (albeit his character was a real a-hole) and we give the flick 5 stars!

The movie’s entrepreneurial storyline and spirit, however, is what really gave us the feels.  The opening scene tells it all. A struggling businessman peddling his milkshake mixers from drive-in restaurant to drive-in restaurant. With lots of“no’s” and slammed doors, he carries on in hopes of making a sale and knowing that he will soon get his big break. 
Non-Spoiler alert: McDonalds ends up making it big! =)

I watched the movie with my boyfriend Jon who works at a real estate investment firm. It’s fitting that his favorite line in the movie was also the epiphany on how Ray Croc (Keaton’s character) would transform his organization. “You aren’t in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business.” 

Downside of the movie? The craving you’ll have for a cheeseburger and fries upon the closing credits is REALLLLLL.

Happy Viewing,

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