Welcome to Mad Meg Magazine - our new lifestyle blog! We thought it would be appropriate for our debut interview to be with our owner and creative director, Megan Silianoff. Between her critically acclaimed 2013 memoir5 year blogging run, and more recent career profile in The Everygirl, Megan’s life, has been pretty well documented. The ins and outs of her life these days, at least when not being “Mad Meg", are less transparent. Read below to check in with Megan about what she’s up to when not saving the world one creative service at a time.


Hey Megan! Looks like you’ve moved recently. Cool new digs!
Thanks! Yes - I moved a few months ago and love my new neighborhood. Macy’s incumbent school and elementary school, when she starts, are both within walking distance. Not that I walk it or plan to walk it. But the proximity is comforting should I ever run out of gas or something. I also live walking distance to a Specs which is convenient.


What’s your favorite things about your new house?
I made this "Fuck Yes or No" poster at Vistaprint that turned out cute and have made made it in other colors for friends. "The Law of Fuck Yes or No" is the title of one of my favorite Mark Manson essays which is an approach he advises taking to romantic relationships specifically.  But I think its equally applicable to life in general;  a new business idea, shopping for clothes, a social invitation to do something, etc. If the answer to whatever I'm considering isn't a 100% enthusiastic, passionate "Fuck Yes" then the answer is no.

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How’s Mace doing? 
She’s great. She’s obsessed with Hatchimals. She’s less interested in soccer which is unfortunate given she’s currently on a team and has a weekly practice and a game. Her Dad is the coach though and its been such a great experience. She even scored a goal a few weeks ago - for the wrong team, but still! 

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How’s biz going?
It’s going well. We recently hired our fourth, full-time employee. She is our PR Director - so we now have a director over each one of our biggest divisions; web design, social media management, and public relations. It’s allowed me to give more focus and attention to other facets of the business that were getting neglected- like my accounting practices for example. Shout out to my accountant Gary Shuffman at Wasserman and Associates. There's no possible way that I'm not his most annoying client.

Tell us about Tuesday Brunch.
Yes! The elevator pitch is that Tuesday Brunch is a cool and compelling web series talking about ovarian cancer in a new way. My bestie, Buck Dodson and I, are “hosting” it. We shot most of it last month and traveled from Houston, Austin, and Dallas in the span of three days to do so. I’m so over talking about ovarian cancer in terms of my personal story but having a conversation with a bunch of cool people (like fashion designer David Peck and lifestyle blogger Candace Thomas) with various connections to OC, has renewed my passion for cultivating awareness.

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What does Mad Meg mean for Greetings from Texas or your books? Do you plan to ever go back to blogging or write another book again soon?
I don’t think so - not at least for now. Blogging has changed - it’s such a saturated marketplace now. It makes it a little less fun and harder to justify that you're content is needed or original.  More so than that though, I’m pouring every ounce of creativity I have into Mad Meg so I don’t anything left over to give to Greetings from Texas. As far as another book - I’m sure one day. I miss writing. But not anytime soon. 

Anything coming up for Mad Meg that you’re excited about?
Sure! A lot of fun things. We have a Fathers Day Gift Idea segment next month on Great Day Houston, comprised of a bunch of our clients like Suitsupply and 18|8 salon. We also have the 2nd annual Blogger Crawl coming up at Market Street on so we’ll begin working on that soon.  Andrea Levoff also has tons of cool stuff in the works; she’s coming to The Woodlands to do a Dope Ass Mom Summit among other things!

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