Rise and shine & grab a cup o' joe for today's morning blend
 Today we hang out with the lady of the (early) hour, Aimee Frederick, owner of Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen. Tag along as we get ready with Aimee (and her daughter Caroline!) while getting her buzz worthy tips for starting your morning on the right foot.  

Morning Aimee! Thanks for letting us stop by and spend the a.m. with you! What time do you typically wake up? 

Between 5:00AM – 6:00AM. I savor those quiet morning hours when the rest of my fam is still sleeping!

We feel like we can’t even start this interview until we know how you take your coffee. Coffee order…Go!

I like to try whatever a shop is serving on their slow bar. My first choice is always a pourover (Kalita and Chemex are my faves), but if that’s not available, I get an Americano, stout.

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What’s your go to breakfast to make...or pick up ;)

I absolutely love when I make time for a whole juice smoothie. I have an arsenal of recipes I’ve been perfecting for years, and I usually have enough ingredients on hand to whip up something delicious.

What's your one morning ritual that you can’t have a good day without.

Meditating. Hands down. If I don’t spend at least 10 minutes in the morning with my breath, I’m off-center the rest of the day.

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Do you and Caroline have any rituals in the morning together?

Hmm…letting her sleep in as long as possible. She hates going to bed, but can sleep ‘til 11:00 like a teenager. High School is going to be rough!!

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3 things you can’t live without in the AM.

Meditating, making a pourover, and reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages.

What’s your daily uniform? 

If I have a meeting - skinny jeans, my Vince slip-ons, and an Everlane pocket tee. No meetings – black tights and a T-shirt.

Congratulations on a successful block party grand opening for Blockhouse! What are you most excited about coming up with the first year of opening? 

I love how people are really grasping the concept of Blockhouse. It’s important we put coffee first – we want to be the best shop in Fort Bend, with fantastic drinks and friendly baristas - but we are also aspiring to be an aggregator of creativity in our area. Our suburbs – Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg - haven’t had a place of business that attracts creatives the way we’re trying to, and it already seems to be working. People will stop to tell me why they love Blockhouse, and they basically describe the reasons I wanted to open the shop in the first place – community and connection. This tells me people are picking up what we’re putting down, and that’s incredibly encouraging.

What’s one misconception about working in the restaurant biz?

Gosh…there are so many, where to begin? I don’t think people realize how fun it can be. If you’re social, and you love making people feel special, hospitality can be an extremely fulfilling career. But, if you aren’t already in the industry, owning or running a restaurant is more complicated than people think. So, yes it’s a blast, but I don’t recommend trying it without a tight-knit, diverse-skilled team.

Community is a big part of the Blockhouse way, what’s one or two of your favorite spots to hang out outside of Blockhouse?

I haven’t been out much since we opened, but before that, I was really attracted to the vibe at Cafeza. The staff seems to go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome, which tells me the place is owned and managed by people who care. “Cool” spaces are only well-furnished rooms without awesome people, so I always pick up on if the staff is enjoying what they do. And second, if I had more time I’d hang out at Vino & Vinyl – the owner, Paul, is a regular of ours and he is pure gold.

Love that painting in your home, we hear that Blockhouse is entering the art scene. Tell us about this new concept!

Yeah! Art is and will become a big part of Blockhouse. For opening, we didn’t have a lot of things to fill our walls, so I asked an artist friend, Matt Manalo, if we could borrow some of his work until we settled on more permanent art. Matt is now being commissioned to create a custom piece to illustrate why we chose the name Blockhouse, and will replace one of the borrowed pieces currently hanging on the wall. Matt will construct the artwork from small items contributed by our Blockhouse community. Matt will create the piece in August and September, and his work will be revealed at an art fair we’re hosting on September 30!

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