Hey, Randi! You're the lady of the hour with your 3 free virtual webinars all leading up to the culmination of your book launch, The Parent Gap, on August 22nd. You help so many families and homes get back on track, we thought it would be fun to flip the script and make ourselves at home in your casa! 

Your Bellaire home is beautiful! What’s your favorite thing about the ‘hood?
Family and community.  I have raised my babies in this community and over the last 20 years on any given day, I could be seen pounding the pavement with either a jog stroller, dog leash or both just breathing in the neighborhood. I have literally experienced the rebirth and growth of this tiny town as homes have been demolished and rebuilt. I love how the city has been able to retain it’s original down to earth charm involving a  community of really nice and warm folks rather than having a fancy pants vibe. Bellaire is sort of a metaphor for my parenting philosophy - rebirth and growth of new “fresher” ways to raise kids without the old style threats and tears but also holding on to old style values involving character, kindness, respect, love and community. 


What’s your favorite room in your house? 
My bathroom and closet because they are all mine. Mama needs her space too!

A birdie told us you’re a podcast junkie, what are some of the favorites that you’re loving lately? My favorite is Brooke Castillo. She is brilliant and I love her. I also love Jess Lively especially lately because even though she is in a very different stage of life than me (she’s single and without kiddos), she is traveling the world and doing some super cool interviews about becoming a conscious person. She is also fascinated by the neuroscience behind our behaviors and mind/body connection. Good stuff!  (By the way, it’s a dream of mine to do a podcast or radio show at some point myself.)


Your 3 kids are gorgeous! Didn’t your oldest just finish up his first year of school? How has it been having him back home for the summer? 
Thank you - I know every mama thinks her kiddos are gorgeous but mine really are, right?  Our 2 younger kids went away to sleep-away camp for a month and we realized that it was the 1st time in 16 years that it was just the 3 of us - me, my hubs and oldest son, Alec. Considering Alec was my baby that cried so much I had to wear him in a Baby Bjorn just to make a sandwich…this version of the 3 of us was WAY more enjoyable than the early days. Seriously, it has been wonderful having him home. He is independent and there are definitely some adjustments but overall, it feels precious to have all my people back under the same roof for a period. As they say, when the kids are little, “The days are long but the years are short”. 

What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known before having kids?
The all-knowing parent that "never lets them see you sweat" is so yesterday…when parenting in America was still following the “factory worker” model. I wish I had known that my kids would teach me more than I can ever teach them.  I get to grow up right alongside them as I figure this whole grown up/wife/parent thing…and that’s been a great recipe for really knowing one another and creating a connected family team.

How is it different having just Avery and Cory at home with Alec gone? 
Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s just too damn quiet. We miss the Al. He spices it up. He shares my mean sense of humor and now the rest of them gang up on me when I go to that place that only Alec truly “gets” about me. 

What’s your morning routine to get your day started with the kiddos home? 
My mornings are totally mine at this stage of life which is truly delightful. I drink coffee in bed and do a little journaling and prep for my day. I may walk dogs or hit an early morning yoga class. From 7:30am-9:30am I typically get lots of work done and this is my most energetic and creative time of day. All the years with tiny kiddos (my kids are each 4 grades apart so I was in lil’ kid mode for a VERY long time), my creativity was focused during mornings on making breakfast concoctions (sometimes inedible:), playing and hanging with my little peeps. Who knew they were my creative outlet and once they were big and summer sleepy, I would find other fulfilling ways to start my day creatively?

Your business is YOU. What’s your daily uniform for your lifestyle? 
Oh jeez…it depends on my mood but usually a 20 minute “good enough” put together look (hair up in a bun and light make-up). I love to be yoga ready if a lunch class becomes a possibility  (bootleg extra long Splits 59 black leggings with a black long ribbed Athleta tank and a long wrap or boho-ish type sweater that keeps me warm in the freezing air conditioned buildings during our hot Houston summers).

You’re a rock star mama and author of upcoming book “The Parent Gap” out on August 22nd. Prior to the launch, however, you have the 3 upcoming workshops. Tell us a little about those!
Awww thank you. Yes, I’m really excited to get the book into as many hands as possible.  The Parent Gap is really the Cliff notes of my motherhood journey /secret recipe over the last 20 years and i want y’all to get there in WAY less time than it took me! I know it will help a lot of people that want to take advantage of this recipe to build the life and family they’ve always wanted.
As far as my workshops, I know summers can be extra stressful for mamas and therefore, I’ve decided to do a series of 3 complimentary webinars as my way of giving back. Moms are the unsung heroes in our world and we’ve gotta have each other’s backs! Therefore, I’m focusing on specific topics that will help bring more peace to the home and lessen a mama’s stress ASAP.

1. Webinar 1 will be Thursday, July 27th at 12pm. Topic: The Mediation Method: The best tool a mama could ask for when it comes to summer sibling fighting.
2. Webinar 2, Aug 7. Topic: The Calm Down Spot - The timeout and spanking alternative
3. Webinar 3, Aug 17th Topic: Top 3 Tips for a successful back to school plan

Hey, I heard that you have a famous in-law. Evelyn Rubenstein’s name is the talk of the town! What’s going on with the new park? 
Yes, Evelyn Rubenstein was my husband, Scott’s, grandmother, as well as a true matriarch and a female role model. She was a quietly strong and elegant woman and a working mama back in the day at the family’s steel pipe business. 

It is interesting that even though Evelyn wasn’t the typical 1950’s stay at home mom, her 2 sons felt deeply connected to their mama. Obviously, her impact on their lives was enormous and they have honored their Evelyn at every turn in philanthropic ways. Both sons have made Bellaire their home and decided to purchase one of the last available “green” spaces and name it after their beloved mama as a way of bringing a piece of her into their community. 

Evelyn’s Park is elegant much like Evelyn was…from the open green spaces that allow imagination and free play for kids during a time when kids are so “over tech’d out” to the adorable and kitschy, Ivy & James restaurant, resembling the old Teas nursery yellow house on the property, to the community pop up in the park events selling local artistic wares. The park is really something special and of course is open to the public. Please come for a visit! We’ve already reserved the party room for my son and nephew’s Bar Mitzvah party in February of 2019!

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