Sales. It's the one profession that transcends industry. Whether you work in Silicon Valley, the medical field, non-profit, or the arts, sales is a skill that can be the differentiator between a thriving business or a failing one. Mad Meg understands the importance and value of a high-level salesperson which is why we're kicking off this monthly series. We wanted the opportunity to sit down with some of the salespeople whose skills we envy to pick up some pointers on how they sell their ice to Eskimos.

This month, we are excited to feature the founder of The RG Realty Group, Ricardo Gonzalez, as we step into his home.. Keep reading to see what he says is the 🔑 to his success (see what we did there 😉). 

How are the sales cycle and sales approach different for real estate agents than it is for other high-level sales executives in different industries? Is it the same? Different? Is there something unique about selling real estate as opposed to a product or service?

That's a great question - the sales cycle with us is definitely longer as we can meet with someone today and not earn a dollar until several months down the road. I've become very used to that and have learned to build up my pipeline with that in mind. I often times compare our industry to that of financial advisors as we are driven to perform in the present for our clients and look to give them the best advice possible. The difference is that in real estate there are so many more hats to wear during the transaction process.

We have become very well rounded with numerous topics such as contracts, construction, marketing and so much more. The uniqueness with what I do is that although I do sell homes - I actually focus much more on selling myself to gain my clients trust and build a long term relationship. 

A lot of successful sales people have "the gift of gab" and an innate sales personality from a young age and we know that was the case with you per your video. Were there any soft or hard skills, however, that didn't come naturally to you though in the context of your job? What parts of being a realtor did you need to work on or continue to work on?

The most difficult skill for me was time management and being a manager/team leader. It was not until I signed up for real estate coaching with a top coaching company that I was able to better lead my team and get the best results out of my team members. I had to work on being more structured and being more clear with my expectations. My team operates much smoother and knows I want them to succeed with me and that is important in order for all of us to grow. I also do blocked schedules to take care of my responsibilities and follow a 5 day Theme Day to assist me in staying on track each day. 

You're incredibly young for the level of success you've experienced with The RG Realty Group. What advice would you give to someone just starting their realtor career?

My biggest advice would be to write down your goals and seek the best agents possible in your area to see what they are doing. I also recommend that you find structure and systems as that are not taught in real estate school. I've seen many new agents with great potential to succeed only get burned out due to doing real estate the wrong way. You need to create a database and start with the people that know you and already like you. My motto is your network is your net worth! 

You're a Woodlands family, and you and your wife we consider to be the "power couple" of the Woodlands (shout out to Noemi!). How do you balance work and family?

That's too funny! We definitely have to coordinate in order to make it all work and we do that by planning ahead and looking at our schedules each Sunday. We take turns working late and working on weekends while at the same time taking time off to spend with each other and our two boys. I believe my wife and kids are no different than my biggest top clients and I simply prioritize them as such. 

You're constantly going into other families' home, what is your favorite part about your home? 

The favorite part of my home is our upstairs game room. It's very relaxing up there and includes my 90 inch big screen so often times we go up to watch movies or games as a family. 

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