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Squeezed Online

Jala' for this juice company! I've been on a juice kick lately and have been loving the convenience of this company. Pro tip- try the jalapeño version!

Lucie Fink

I always look forward to this Refinery29 video producer's content every week! Check out her "5 Days" series!

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Money diaries

I am about to turn 25! This Refinery29 series called Money Diaries is super cool. I get to see how I compare to different millennials across the USA. #Relatable

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I am a face mask guru and this Vitamin C face mask from Fresh is my go to. If you want a mask that's brightening, nourishing, and deliciously fruity, this one is definitely worth checking out!

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Nalgene 48 oz water bottle from Target

If you’re trying to drink more water like me, this is your jam. It’s HUGE, and I actually like that it’s not insulated because it’s easier to drink room temperature water than chilled. Get hydrated!

Megan Halpinfangirl