They say two heads are better than one, so maybe that's why the new shared workspace concept is taking the working world by storm. We chatted with Scott Rubenstein of Houston's brand spankin' new coworking space, Local Office about what made him interested in shared office spaces, his coffee order, and the best advice he's ever received. 

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How long have you been in commercial real estate and how did you first get involved?

 I’ve been in commercial real estate my whole career, starting as a commercial real estate appraiser, then moving to investment and development.  I started Pipeline Realty in 1998 to focus on commercial investment/development and management.

Why shared coworking space? What about the concept made you want to get in the biz?  

We’ve always recognized a demand for smaller office space from our other office properties.  We avoided moving forward with servicing the small office tenants however because at the time, the only model I knew was the “executive suites” model and nothing about that was very compelling.  After researching the new shared workspace movement in other cities and the few that had started in Houston, we discovered there was a new way that people were working.  It was more collaborative and more social.  It wasn’t simply small individual offices, but a way to make the workplace more interesting and more exciting.  We continued to research and decided there was more than sufficient demand and no one was servicing some of the local markets that needed small shared workspaces and coworking.  That’s how Local Office was born.

Coworking space or private office? Where are you most productive? 

Since opening Local Office, I spend about half my time in a private office and about half my time in the coworking area.  I primarily work in the coworking area when at Local Office unless I have meeting, in which case I book one of the meeting rooms.

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If you could share an office with anyone, who would it be? 

All of my employees.  My intention is to redo our own offices in line wth the Local Office setup.  It’s more productive, more collaborative, more fun.


What is your morning routine before you even get to the office?

If I can, I try and stick around to see my kids before they head to school.  Doesn’t always work out that way, but family definitely comes first for me.

We’re super excited for Cavo to open. How do you take your coffee? 

Black w/ a capital B.

What’s your favorite Houston hot-spot when you’re not working? 

I’m not necessarily a ‘hot-spot’ kinda guy.  We like trying new restaurants but a big night out for us usually includes our kids if we can get them to join us.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

A wise older gentleman gave me some great advice when I was in my 20’s…. he said “take care of your teeth” (I wish he would have included my skin in that too).

Your dream job if money didn’t matter? 

Probably a backcountry ski/snowboard guide or running a surfing camp in an exotic location.

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