With the name and philosophy of "Mad Meg" paying homage to the tv series Mad Men, we have always looked up to Don Draper as our creative muse. What we didn't foresee (other than a crazy series finale) was another Don joining our lives- this is fate people! Meet Don Robinson of Junkluggers- an eco-friendly company that looks to donate first and recycle second in terms of getting rid of people’s belongings they no longer need nor want. Only items that cannot be donated or recycled will be disposed of.

When Don's not driving the famous green truck in and around the Houston loop helping Houstonians get their spring cleaning on, you can find him exploring different parts of town in style. Take a peek below to see where, specifically, that might be.

From Dusk till Don (1).png

Hanging out on the weekend? Where will we spot you?

Galveston Yacht Club (Fishing!), Westside Tennis Club or at HEB buying supplies for a big meal

Do you root for any H-town sports teams?

Astros, of course!!

Most underrated place in town?

My Kitchen.

Grabbing a drink after a long day? What watering hole do you head to? 

I don’t get out much.  Where should I go??

Favorite restaurant? 

During crawfish season - BB’s!

Most scenic spot when you take the Junkluggers truck around town?

In front of the beautiful homes of my customers!

Tell us 3 things about yourself people would be surprised to know! 

I love to cook, I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 13, and I make fishing rods.

What’s one thing people are always surprised to learn about Junkluggers?

{What surprised you?}

What makes you most excited about bringing Junkluggers to the Houston market?

At The Junkluggers, it is our mission to save the Earth, one piece of junk at a time. By 2020, we aim to donate and recycle 100% of all items we remove from residential and commercial jobs, setting the standard in the United States for eco-friendly disposal practices. We are working towards this goal every day, searching for new charities to donate to and more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of materials we lug away that can be neither donated nor recycled.

What sets Junkluggers apart from other junk removal companies?

Our 4 Green Guarantees:

1)     If we are able to donate items on your behalf, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt within 14 business days for any items donated.
2)     We value your time. We try to schedule the most convenient 2-hour arrival window to fit your busy schedule. When we do not show up within that 2-hour window, we provide you with a discount for the inconvenience.
3)     If we quote you an on-site estimate, we guarantee the final price will never be more than the price originally quoted.
4)     We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

Megan Halpin