Meet the Team: Cristina, Social Media Manager

Started as an intern now she’s here!! From her first interview at Mad Meg (for an internship) to the full-time offer we extended upon her graduation, Cristina quickly became part of the Mad Meg core. 

There is something ironic about Cristina, joining Erin as Mad Meg’s 2nd Social Media Strategist. Social media is technology at its best. Contemporary, always changing, always evolving. Yet Cristina’s an old soul. You won't catch her at the club unless it’s the YMCA at the crack of dawn on a weekday morning. (After she’s done some reading and journaling of course. As one does at the ripe old age of 22??!?!.) She’s self aware, thoughtful, talented, and savvy AF at hashtags which is why we call her The Hashtag Hoe. (Don’t tell HR  - jk, we have no HR. Tell anyone you want.)

Immediately upon being hired on Cristina started was entrusted to manage Midway, a crucial account for Mad Meg, managing the social media for their properties like CITYCENTRE and Kings Harbor. You can even catch her coyly modeling on their instagram feeds from time to time as she’s as pretty on the outside and she is on the inside. Don Draper once said “What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons”. But he was wrong. Love is how we feel about Cristina.


Do you have any nicknames?
A couple. So far, only my direct family has been given permission to call me “Tina” reminds me too much of the llama in Napoleon Dynamite. My sisters call me “Tada” which is short for “Cri-tada” which is short for a very long story on the origin of that name. And for my senior year of high school, I went by “Crissy”, but that just haunts me now. Ha!

Where were you before this?
Finishing my senior year at University of Houston where I got my B.A. in Advertising. Prior to that, I spent my first two years at the University of Arkansas, so I’m a Razorback-Cougar hybrid. (Yikes?)


How did you get started at Mad Meg?  
I was looking for a internship my second semester of my senior year, and I knew I wanted to work in social media/PR. I really wanted to exercise my creativity while building up others and their passions through their businesses. One interview at Mad Meg and I knew it was the perfect fit! I spent the next couple months LOVIN LIFE at work, and needless to say was over the moon to be hired on full-time.

What’s the best part about the job?
It’s a tie between my coworkers and the endless supply of LaCroix.

You used to write on your own blog… how has that translated into working in social media?
Writing is my absolute passion, and I’m glad that my work allows me to channel that daily. Whether it’s writing copy for a newsletter or a witty Instagram caption, I feel like I am totally in my element - and I’m getting to help clients reach their goals and dreams which is definitely the cherry on top! My favorite thing is writing blog posts because that’s what I spent the past four years doing on my own blog, Cristina Was Here. It’s fun to slip into new voices depending on what client I’m working with and what angle we’re going for. It’s like being an actress with different roles...except I’m not an actress, I’m just hyped up on three cups of coffee and banging away on my computer keyboard - heehee! 

What are some Instagram-worthy spots in Houston we should know about?
Oh, girl. Well when I think Instagram-worthy, I think FOOD! My boyfriend, Cam, and I are currently trying to try out new spots every couple of weeks. If you love Indian, you have to try Pondicheri and go upstairs to their bake lab for a treat and an iced chai. For Instagram-worthy sandwiches, I love Local Foods and East Hampton Sandwich Co. Non-food related, I’m a total fangirl for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. I went there instead of walking at graduation - oops!


When you’re not working, where can we find you?
Honestly? In bed with a good book. That’s totally my happy place. (Unless I am on a car-ride around Houston with Cam or eating previously mentioned Local Foods sandwich and simultaneously snapping vids for my Instagram story.)

Best book you’ve ever read?
Gah - how do I choose?! I re-read The Time Traveler’s Wife at least once a year. My style icon is 100% Clare Abshire: bold lipsticks, 70s inspired flowy frocks, and a look that says “well-read and ready to eat Thai food.” (If you know, you know.)

Alright - one more question. If you could do an Instagram takeover for anyone, who would it be? 
Amanda Seyfried. I’m obsessed with her and her dog, Finn. I’d love to take a peek into her everyday life and find out how she gets her hair so dang shiny!!! 

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